Sep 8, 2010

n10-061 : Palmer's Olive Butter Formula

semlm s'gah guardian nk bli lotion tuk peot haha..xtau r btul ker idak. rse nyer btul kot g pn leh pkai tuk 1 bdn pn hehe

bau nyer pn wangi jerk, ade 3 kebaikan produk nie nk tau ape die bce kt bwh hehe

With Vitamin E. Organic Olive Oil for healthy skin. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Made with Certified organic olive oil. Palmer's Olive Butter Formula™ has the power to transform your skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil takes care of your skin three ways:

Unique lipid structure moisturizes instantly. Loaded with antioxidants to keep skin youthful. Emulsifies on contact for superior skin smoothing. As this creamy lotion penetrates, skin immediately feels soothed and softened. Absorbs quickly and leaves skin visibly improved.

jgn lupe terjah lg yerk ;P

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